My Own Graphite Art Blog

My collection of of art, inspired by the mind of me, the High School Senior / Superhero. ~ Nick walker

Frank for the dad on father’s day!!
A quick blaziken i did with sharpie and colored pencil. A little sloppy and the pokeball looks like a testacle but eh

Havent uploaded in a while!! Heres some Manga/Anime I’ve done in the past week.

Juliet from lollipop chainsaw!! Mechanical pencil.
Gaara done in mechanical pencil

OKAY. Now I’m officially caught up.

Now that all of my past drawings are posted, my catch up work is completely done. New drawings will be uploaded as they are finished in the cool Japanese wave sketchbook! but for now I’m taking a nap. And most likely talking to myself since this is a new blog. Kbye

The first drawing in my new sketchbook. I wanted to draw the Borderlands Psycho really bad and I’m pleased with how it turned out :)
My beautiful new sketchbook my sister bought me for like 7 dollars at Barnes and Noble yesterday. New drawing timeeeee!
The Christmas Drawing Kit I have been using! Its really too massive to use everything. But I may start experiencing with color in future sketches.
Mike Wazowski!!!! Also in the mini sketchbook. Used my christmas gift colored pencils as well!!
First drawing in my mini, palm sized sketchbook. I drew this on christmas day after i got all my cool drawing stuff. Based on the cover of the novel The Electric Church. 


OKAY. So that finishes it with the old sketchbook. I am making this tumblr as of January 27th, 2013. All previous posts were drawings done in the time from summer 2012 to new years. Pictures continually uploaded will be of my new drawings as they are completed.

Never got finished before christmas break… Such a sad Santa :’(
My friend Jewish friend Trevor asked me to draw him and Hitler one day when i was looking for ideas. I like blood.